In 1995 Johannes Ganesh met the tantra, yoga and massage teacher Andro. He invited him to lead tantra workshops with him at the Antinous Institute. After about a year of this collaboration, Johannes Ganesh decided to concentrate fully on his artistic work again. However, he continued to collaborate with Andro and the Antinous community on stage. After he learned the YinYang massage from Andro together with the dancers from his ensemble “Bönig Körperschafft”, they brought it to the stage in the productions “Haut und Auge” (1997) and “Rauschrauscher” (1998). He and the Antinous community also celebrated a Maithuna ritual together on stage in the play “City Sadhus” (1996).

The YinYang massage developed by Andro is a proprietary massage technique that contains elements of Byzantine massage, acupressure and yoga stretches. With its holistic structure, it forms the basis of all Yin-Yang body therapies at the Diamond Lotus Institute. It is an effective body therapy that can be used for the treatment of both somatic and psychological issues.

During the YinYang massage, the masseur (or masseuse) is only dressed in a massage belt that covers the pubic area. The person being massaged is naked. The YinYang massage is not an erotic massage. However, during the approximately 90-minute process, all parts of the front and back of the body are touched.

Johannes Ganesh has been co-director of YinYang massage training since 2023.
Structure and process of the tantric massage training according to Andro

He also offers the YinYang massage as a masseur in Leipzig.
Price. €150 (plus rent for the massage room)
Can be booked at johannes_ganesh@tantrayoga.site