Tantra & Ritual

The Tantric Tradition and the Erotic Ritual

In the flowering time of tantra, most traditional tantrics were taught individually, one-on-one.  They lived in the households of their masters and were part of their family. Course systems as we know them today were unknown. The students were selected for their personality and character.  Depending on their requirements, the training was rolled out. Rarely, therefore, have two chelas learned exactly the same thing, even though they had the same guru.

Definitely I try to uphold this aspect of the tradition. There are, of course, basics - especially in the beginning - that all my students have to master ... but even here there are exceptions.  So if you are interested, you can take part in one of my courses, in which I also go into the importance of individual teaching.  I personally believe that there are as many tantric paths as there are tantrics.  In my text The Path of Fulfillment I explain that the individual karma of the seeker in tantra usually dictates the way, whereby two authentic tantrics can never follow an identical path.  Nevertheless, there are certain basic themes that can be found in almost all tantric schools: These are the handling of mantra (the vibration of creation), the yantra (the form of creation) and the utilization of sexual energy (regardless of whether one tries  attaining it at one extreme through suppression or at the other through total acting out).

Tantric sexuality can also be broken down into three sub-areas of practice:

  • The mastering of sexual energy in order to be able to handle and direct it.
  • Erotic meditation, which is mostly ritualized but not entirely ritualistic.
  • The tantric ritual in which tantrics practice sexual union according to very strict guidelines.

However, these can only be separated from one another in theory. They penetrate each other and are complementary to each other.

All tantrics decide for themselves whether sexuality is central to their sadhana. In addition to the erotic methods, physical yoga is of great importance because it enables the body to cope with the enormous energies that are generated in tantra.  For me, however, the most important point is meditation, especially Laya Yoga.  In the areas of eroticism and yoga, basic knowledge may be sufficient. But if someone wants to be mentored by me as a teacher, I require daily meditation practice.