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Yoga is an important pillar of the tantra I teach. I offer weekly courses in Leipzig and Dresden and weekend courses about 3-4 times a year. These workshops are open to everyone, but are of particular interest to my personal students, who use them to complement and support their spiritual practice. I also give private lessons on request. Read more »

Johannes Ganesh Bönig Tantra


In addition to yoga, meditation and erotic methods form the other two pillars of tantric teaching. Unlike many other tantra teachers, I only teach the latter theoretically in my courses. Furthermore I also support people who have kundalini problems, for example, or who need further advice on their personal sadhana. Central to me - as is usual in the tantric tradition - are my personal pupils. This matter I explain in my courses. Read more »

Johannes Ganesh Bönig Temple


In the next few years a tantric temple is to be built somewhere in Germany. For this I am looking for fellow campaigners, sponsors, support of any kind and a suitable location. Contact me if this idea appeals to you!   Read more »

Traditional Tantra in the West

All tantric currents and lineages - no matter where they come from - appeal to a religious or philosophical background against which they developed and thrive.  However, the tantric teachings, methods and techniques themselves could also be described as non-religious or even as scientific, since they were mostly evaluated solely on the basis of their effects. Tantra has always been eclectic.

Tantra is the teaching that was handed down from matriarchy.

The tantrics of earlier times did not judge their practice according to aspects of origin, but only according to its functionality within their own teaching. This freedom has always allowed tantra to gain a foothold in all cultures with which it came into contact.  Tantra appeals to nature.  It is the teaching that was handed down from matriarchy and has been saved through the millennia of patriarchy in our time - not undamaged but unquestionably!

Since about 2015, good friends have repeatedly approached me and motivated me to teach traditional tantra, which I had never intended to do before. Like the old tantrics, I acquired my techniques and methods as syncretism - depending on what fit and worked well. Among my teachers were an Indian Nath Yogi, a Saraswati Swami from Rishikesh, two Eastern Europeans and, significantly, several physicists. My concerns in transmitting the tantric tradition are twofold:

  • First of all, I want to pass on the practice as genuinely as possible, in the same way that it was transmitted to me.
  • Secondly, I try to rid it of any religious doctrine so that, in extreme cases, it can be practiced by both atheists and believing Christians.

Tantra uses nature, creation, to bring us closer to fulfillment


collectively and



Johannes Ganesh Bönig Blog


For several years now I have been blogging about two topics. The first is tantra in general with its different aspects. The second area deals with ethical, religious and spiritual issues of a more general nature. This blog is called HumanWithConscience and has been integrated into this website. All blogs will soon also be available as podcasts. Read more »