Approaching Islam

To my friend, the islamophobic,

Allow me to call you ‘my friend’, for I got to know you quite well since I read what you write a lot … even though you might not remember me at all. I see your posts on the social media weekly, sometimes daily. It is all about the achievements of the western society and the threat of the Islamic doctrine, which slowly will cut out the heart of our European standards, so you tell us. Every article you share is about Sharia law, about Muslim depreciation of women, about the hate against homosexuals in Islamic societies. I see your fear and I see your injured pride … for you have been suffering to make this society what it is now! You were one of those people who were brave enough to confront the chauvinists, the patriarchs and the homophobes so now gay couples can get married, women can become leaders of countries and sexuality is not only measured by accomplishing a pregnancy. You were a freedom fighter and this is not only meant in an intellectual way as the scars on your cheek can tell. I can understand what you’re going through and you have my sympathy. Continue reading “Approaching Islam”