Standards of Ingestion

I’m a huge movie fan … and not only movies … I also love to watch intelligently made tv-shows. I love the plots, the drama, the human fates and manufactured destinies. I must admit I mostly love the more naive shows, especially ‚Star Trek’. ‚Star Trek’ kind of turned me on to become a tv-show-fan. I saw all episodes of all series … at least three times each. When I knew them by heart I was looking for other visual food. I watched ‚Six Feet under’, ‚The Sopranos’, ‚True Blood’ and others. I must say I really enjoyed them in the beginning. But then after a while I got a bitter taste in my mouth. Why would I ingest so much morbidity, the adoration of evil, the normality of feeding by killing others? Continue reading “Standards of Ingestion”